Spray Park is OPEN

(May 19, 2023)

Spray park operates when Daytime Outdoor Ambient air temperature exceeds 15C on a consistent daily basis and nighttime ambient air temps are above 5C. 
Operations of the Spray Park may be affected by weather, emergencies, chemical testing, maintenance and public orders issued by Alberta Health or other relevant authorities.

Hours of Operation:
To June 30: Noon – 8:00pm, 

July 1 – End: 10:00AM – 8PM

Management reserves the right to evacuate, close or restrict access to the Spray Park and HOA amenities. 


  • Fobs are issued personally to Residents only, and not with the Title to the Property.
  • If you are a Landlord, we must receive written permission from you (NOT your Property Manager) to issue fobs to a Tenant. 
  • You must make arrangements to obtain fobs from the HOA – they are not provided by the Builder or the Sales Dept of Mattamy Homes.
  • Appropriate permission and access forms for fobs are provided to Members directly. Kindly complete and return them to us and we will schedule a time to meet you and provide your fobs. 
  • Fob use is monitored for compliance with the law and HOA rules.
  • If you move or vacate the premises or lose a fob you must advise us immediately.Members are liable for any and all damage caused by recorded access using their fob, regardless of the identity of the user. 
  • Lost or stolen fobs are subject to a $50 replacement fee.
  • Emergency Access/ Lockout fees of $200 apply for dispatch of staff to deal with lost fobs or locked out Members. 


Responsibiilty for snow removal and maintenance of pathways and green space in the neighbourhood is divided between Members (your home and sidewalk), HOA grounds, City of Edmonton Streets and Mattamy Pathways. 

This MAP shows the responsibilities for snow removal in Stillwater.

Maintenance Responsibilities

CITY of EDMONTON clears the snow from the street and provides bylaw enforcement regarding snow removal from sidewalk in front of houses. Please call 3-1-1 or see the City of Edmonton website at


The FY 2022-23 HOA fees are $350.00 + GST = $367.50.

 UNPAID fees invoices are now in arrears and interest will be added monthly. Accounts remaining in arrears will be suspended on or after Jan 1, 2023 unless previous arrangements are made.   

Fees may be paid by

  1. direct eTransfer from your bank account to – please put your ADDRESS on the message line.
  2. by personal cheque or draft to Stillwater Homeowners Association. 

We are unable to process cash or debit transactions at the office. 


Providing and maintaining a secure, safe area to play and enjoy is of the utmost importance to our Members. Please help to maintain your amenities by ensuring that the gates are ALWAYS closed behind you – except for special events. 

DAILY HOURS: 8:00AM – 10:00PM.

HOA management reserves the right to limit, close or evacuate the HOA grounds and amenities at anytime. 


  • Please, NO PETS in the Park.
  • No bikes, trikes, scooters or board in the Park area. Watch out for pedestrians and other playful people. 
  • Alcohol is prohibited in or on the grounds. 
  • Swimwear must be worn in the Spray Park. Babies and incontinent persons MUST wear appropriate Swim Diapers or attire. 
  • No GLASS on site. Be careful. 
  • Soft Toys only. No hardballs, please.

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