The Stillwater Homeowners Association (SWHOA). The HOA has responsibility for enforcing the Architectural Guidelines for the community. Residents must comply with the landscaping, maintenance, and grounds rules laid out in the guidelines. 

Doors, paint colours, driveways, public facing front yards, turf and fencing are some of the items that you might be wish to change to suit your tastes.

Please contact the HOA BEFORE you make any changes or undertake any alternation to your site or home exterior. We will work with you to enable compliance or an exception that meets your needs and balances the interests of the community. 

Maintenance Map

View the map below to see the areas the Home Owners Association is responsible for maintaining summer and winter within the community.


Please address concerns about snow, litter, dog feces,  and pathways to Mattamy or City of Edmonton Bylaw as appropriate. 

2022 Stillwater Snow Removal Responsibility Map


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