Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the association is automatic and mandatory with the purchase of a home in Stillwater. The payment of fees, which is reviewed and established annually, is secured by a legally binding agreement, an Encumbrance (subject to upward adjustment for inflation) registered on the title of each member’s property. Whereby the property owner is required to pay a yearly fee to the SWHOA for sustainment and improvement of the Stillwater’s assets.

The annual association fees are collected by the Stillwater Home Owners Association.

Members of the Stillwater’s Home Owners Association receive an annual fee reminder in May, with fees due on or before June 1st each year.

HOA membership fees are administered by HOA Management to operate the programs, services and amenities of the Stillwater Home Owners Association. These include year round maintenance of the playground, spray park, hockey and skating rink, skate change building and Home Owners Association office, including utilities, property taxes, insurance, cleaning,  administration, landscaping etc.

Residents benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community, which because of their unique nature, could may not otherwise be provided. These amenities are private and only for the use of the Stillwater homeowners, their families or guests.

The Stillwater Home Owners Association is governed via bylaws and a Board of Directors. The Management Agreement between the Developer and the HOA describes the day to day operations and responsibilities of the HOA, Management and Directors.

The Board of Directors the legal entity that is financially responsible for the viability, sustainability and operation of the Home Owners Association and its assets. Composition of the HOA Board of Directors is currently subject to the Management Agreement between the developer and the HOA>. 

Individual members of the Home Owners Association may communicate personally to HOA management or via channels established by the Members such as a Resident Advisory Council or other Committees, or thru regulatory or contractual obligations.

Day to day operations and programming of the HOA is performed by HOA Management.

Interested Members are always welcome on the various committees and sub committees established by the Membership.

Member feedback is always welcome via

We regret that we do not have the resources to respond individually to suggestions and non-specific concerns. Member concerns and issues may be delegated or forwarded as appropriate for action, where necessary. 


A Home Owners Association is a compulsory organization created by the land developer:

  1. To manage and maintain the amenities of a development that the City will not accept responsibility to maintain.
  2. To manage and maintain amenities such as the facilities and landscape features of the Stillwater Home Owners Association.
  3. Membership is compulsory and the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the Home Owners Association through an encumbrance on title.‎

A community association is an organization formed by the residents of an area:

  1. To manage and direct its social and recreational activities.
  2. To act as an intervener in civic matters (planning and development).
  3. To plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities.
  4. Membership is voluntary.

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