Stillwater Home
Owners Association

Stillwater Home Owners Association (SWHOA) is a private, not-for-profit organization established by Mattamy Homes in 2017 to professionally manage and operate the Stillwater amenities.

The private park is for the exclusive use of the members and families of Stillwater. It is operated year-round and features a spray park, playground, hockey and skating rink. Members can gain access to these facilities using their issued member fobs. Members with accounts in arrears will have their fobs deactivated until the account is paid. 

Membership in the Home Owners Association is mandatory for residents and fees are collected annually in June.

Communities with an established Home Owners Association have proven to benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their communities that would otherwise be difficult to implement. Research has also proven that these communities have greater community spirit and neighbor interaction through the program and special event offerings provided by their Home Owners Association.

The goal of the Stillwater Home Owners Association is to ensure long term sustainability and provide value to all Stillwater members and the community.

Stillwater is Not a Community Association

Community Associations are volunteer organizations, established with support by the City, and are dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising in order to operate.

Community Associations are known to be involved in organized minor sports such as soccer, baseball and hockey, as well as being the political voice of the community. Community Associations work with city officials in establishing social policies, they are the voice of residents if playground zone areas are required, speed zone reductions are requested, issues arise regarding signage control and other potential community safety issues.

Membership to the Community Association is voluntary and could involve members from several different communities.

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