HOA Fiscal Year runs June 1 to May 31.

Fees for 2023 are $350 + GST = $367.50

If possession date is not May 31, then the solicitors will need to calculate a pro rated portion of the fees from June 1 to the Possession Date. HOA bills for Annual Fees only.  


 Statement of Account may be generated for the seller, who can provide this to the Purchaser, under trust conditions. We regret that we are unable to provide financial or other private information about our Membership to anyone other than the Seller. 

Should the Seller’s HOA Fees account be in arrears at the time of sale, then we will require payment of the outstanding amounts on or BEFORE closing date.

Encumbrance Particulars: The terms of the Encumbrance registered upon the subject property requires the SELLER to advise the HOA of the identity of the Purchaser and the Contact details, closing date. Kindly ensure this is provided as we are unable to relieve the Seller from financial responsibility unless and until this condition is met.  Encumbrance details are located in Schedules 1-7 delivered to the Seller on original new build possession date. 


If your client is the Seller, kindly advise them to return their fobs to the HOA directly. Fobs do not convey with the property. Lost or destroyed fobs are subject to a $50/fob decommissioning fee. 


An encumbrance is registered on Title to the subject property to secure payment of HOA fees. Schedules 1-7 detail the Encumbrance partiulars.

The Encumbrance registered on title to ALL Stillwater property is in first priority (preceding mtg/ bank instrument registration) If you act for the purchaser/ lender you are required to explain the Encumbrance and this obligation to your clients.

Original owners were provided with a series of Original Documents (Schedules 1-7)  regarding the Encumbrance and the Stillwater HOA. 

Copies of the documents (pdf format) are available from our office for $150.00 Kindly advise if you wish for same.

HOA Fee Statements & Documents: 

  • Regular: pdf document – 5-7 days turnaround $0
  • Rush: pdf document: 24h $75
  • Physical copy of SOA or other document: $25
  • Courier/ Delivery: $35 or actual cost (CDN address only) 

Our office is staffed on an appointment only basis. 

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