Fob use is monitored for compliance the HOA Rules and Bylaws. 
Are your HOA fobs not working? 

According the the Bylaws of the Stillwater HOA, Resident/Members whose account is in good standing may obtain and use a fob to access the HOA grounds and amenities.


Your fob may have recently become deactivated for one or more of the following reasons.


1) Security – Your fob was used to attempt access to the HOA grounds/ gate/ doors outside regular hours of 8:00am 10:00pm. After  these hours the HOA is CLOSED and the gates and readers are locked and armed. If your fob is used during the closed times, it sends an alarm and then locks out the fob.

Members may access the HOA only when the grounds are OPEN – from 8:00am-10:00pm daily. Unauthorized access by fob or by entry thru or over closed gates and fences is Trespass.

TO reactivate a fob we require verification of your identity (with Photo ID), Proof of Residency, and a personally Signed Waiver, payment of damage or alarm call fees (if any), and compliance with the Rules. Please contact us to arrange re-activation of your fob.  


2) Payment- Member accounts that are not current,unpaid or in collections may have their access privileges suspended – fobs are automatically turned off if the HOA fees remain unpaid. 


3) Dormant/ Outdated info – We perform security and fob audits.  For the continued safety of the Members and the premises. fobs that have not been used in several months are automatically deactivated.

Photo ID and proof of Residence are required to verify and reactivate a fob.



Residents who are Tenants will need to supply proof of Tenancy – such as a lease. Fobs are deactivated when a Lease/ Tenancy ends. 

Contact us to arrange a time to verify your identity, credentials, and restore access.

We can do a quick check if you PHOTOGRAPH your fob showing the light grey numbers and send the image to with a line that says your NAME and ADDRESS. We will verify the information and reply with action needed. 

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